Ecoya Candle NEW ZEALAND SUMMER BLEND - Coastal Kowhai and Fig

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Limited Edition New Zealand Summer Blend - Coastal Kowhai and Fig
Delicately poured into a contemporary glass jar, capped with a metallic lid and presented in a design led box (brand new box graphics now available!)
Enjoy up to 80 hours of burn time.
Box size 10cm x 14cm x 10cm  


Inspired by a New Zealand Summer

The top notes feature the heady smell of the lush greenery New Zealand is famous for. With jasmine, fig, cedarwood and kowhai, this fragrance instantly brings to mind the warm beach days and crisp, clear evenings of a New Zealand summer. Light a candle and you'll be transported to a quiet bay up north, with nothing but blue sky above you and soft, white sand at your feet.